Bethlehem Lutheran Church KX-TDA 50

Richard of Bethleham Lutheran Church in Los Alamitos, Ca, called saying they had a phone that was not working. I responded and found that the old Merlin system has one instrument not working. I did some testing and found the problem in the cable. In a closet someone had rested a flag pole on the phone system connectoer block and in doing so, shorted out the phone to the classroom.

Richard was aware that the space was used periodically for storage in that manner and so I showed him where the cable connecter was located and advised him to check this spot should the phone fail again. He advised people that use that closet and the problem did not return.

The system was near end of lease and so when the lease was us, we talked about installing a new KX-TDA50 system with KX-T7633 handsets from Panasonic and install KN-TVA50 voicemail to better notify important people of events. the system has worked trouble free since installation.

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