Panasonic KX-NT400 Phones

Keep an eye on your business:

David manages a twelve-unit restaurant chain. The KX-NT400 lets him see what’s going on in each of them in real time. He can pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely right from the screen to get a closer look at what’s going on at each location.

Monitoring solutions:

Susan is the night manager at a shipping company’s distribution hub. Network camera interface capability lets her check who’s pulling in at the loading dock and also see and speak with persons at the front door and buzz them in—all right from the phone.

Access the company server—without a computer:

Elaine works for an online shoe retailer. A born multi-tasker, she can be found at the front desk,in the stock room or handling overflow calls from customer service. When a call kicks over to her,the NT400 lets her check the delivery status of a customer’s order—without the need to find an available PC.

Efficient contact management:

Sharon is a receptionist at a busy dentist’s office and loves the NT400’s contacts screen. Searching for a patient’s contact info, initiating a call and adding new contacts have never been easier or more efficient.

The perfect home office assistant:

Jeff has joined the growing legion of executives who spend less time commuting and more time in a home office. The NT400 not only gives him an efficient means of keeping in contact with customers and colleagues, but also delivers piece of mind by letting him keep an eye on the front door and back yard.