Critical Environments KX-TDA 50

I have had the privilege of serving Critical Environments for the last three years or so. They were just about to complete their new building on Randolph in Costa Mesa, Ca, when they called looking for a new Telephone System.

I showed them the KXTDA50 Digital Telephone system along with the KXTVA50 Voicemail System and they liked what they saw. I helpled them get service with Telepacific to support thier voice and data needs. I asked Marc Winger of Zephyr Networks if he would help then with network side of their new office and a team was formed to implement all of the technological requirements of thier new offices.

We used the KX-T7633 sets and used notification to help get messages to the job as soon as they came in the door. Critical Environments continues to grow and fill the space of thier new facilty with dependable service from the Panasonic products as well as the computer products installed and serviced by Zephyr Networks.

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