Chiropractic Plus

Chiropractic plus has an old Panasonic analog system and was paying too much for phone lines. We implemented a new hosted system reducing costs and implementing easy Day/Night services manageable by the staff.  The cellphone app makes the Dr. reachable at any time in case of emergency.

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Medicine Woman

We received a call from Medicine Woman to help sort out the phone lines. We added lines to put in 4 outside lines as requested. In talking to the owner, we realized that the cost of the outside lines was greater than 4 hosted phones and there was no Day/Night ability on the recently acquired phones from an office supply place. We moved forward with the installation and they now have the Day/Night functionality as well as directing calls to various departments for quickly serving their customers. They have since referred us to other like businesses.

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Donovan Company

I first did an install in the Donovan company in the mid 80’s. they migrated to Anaheim and recently planned a partial retirement solution to Nipomo, Ca. They called and told me of their plans. They had moved their phone number to a call phone on the premise they would work from the cellphone. When they relocated, they realized they had very poor cell service making it almost impossible to conduct business in their new location. I suggested a hosted solution with an app on the cellphone for access when he was away from the office. We set everything up and shipped it. He plugged it in and said he was finally able to have a conversation that was clear since he moved. The cost of the hosted phone service was less than the cell bill.

A clear win for the right product in the right place.

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Fast Semiconductor

Fast Semiconductor has had experience with the Panasonic product for years. He has an an analog system in his house and one in the business. When he was ready to expand, he called and inquired about the NS 700. I did a demo of the system using some remote phones from other locations. He could see the benefits of the remote, as well as the easy migration to the new system. He also was paying a lot of money on phone bills. That cost was cut substantially, enough that the 0% lease payment and the SIP trunks we less than he was paying for dial tone alone. We set up the new system on the analog trunks and ported to the SIP trunks seamlessly.

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Classic Marble

Classic Marble was acquired by a long time customer Integra Marketing.  When the acquisition was made, we were called to make the system the same as Integra Marketing. We installed an NS 700 with SIP trunks and upgraded the Internet. The transition was very smooth as we have worked with their IT vendor, Claris Solutions. The existing hosted in the location was costing almost 3 times as much as the new Sip trunks and he has the benefit of uniformity throughout his companies.

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Absolute Airflow

Absolute airflow may be the fastest growing air conditioning company in Southern California. They just moved to larger quarters hosting a much larger warehouse, call center and corporate headquarters. They will convert their old location to a training facility to support their expansion. They invested in an NS700 when they opened the doors a few years ago and it is supporting all of the new location and can expand to facilitate the future locations on the planning board. They have Sip trunks that have allowed them to easily flex the requirement of the expanding call center.

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American Garment

American Garment recently relocated and with that upgraded their aging KX-TDE to an NS700.  They were able to reuse many of their digital sets as well as expand into the network  sets for key position. This also resulted in using SIP trunks to cut phone bill costs significantly.

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Critical Environments

Critical Environments, like all businesses in Covid times, had to reorganize their operation to comply with the safety standards of this epidemic. they were in a very expensive solution for dialtone and did not need all the desk phones they once used.  We upgraded the internet, implemented a couple of desk phones and mobile apps to reform the operation to a safe solution. Operating costs reduced significantly, which is always a good thing.

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Termite Terry

Termite Terry has been a customer for several years. When Covid hit and his office manager needed to work from home, we upgraded his Panasonic to support offsite during the remainder of the pregnancy.  The NS700 stepped up and connected, but the local DSL made the quality of the conversations unreliable. A quick jump to Spectrum and suddenly the solution was mysteriously unable to work. Back to the DSL for the time being. Covid made many things happen very quickly and we will revisit his Internet problems looking for a better solution.

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Parker Printing

Parker printing first bought Panasonic from me about 35 years ago. While the system was still running fine, the cost of analog land lines proved to make it expensive to operate. We talked about a hosted solution that would allow home working before Covid mandated it. Not all jobs transition perfectly and this was one of those. The “giveaway” bottom end phones proved to be less than desirable, but fortunately NSv Connect allowed us to upgrade the phones at very little cost. All seems to have stabilized in that arena and mobility is serving Parker Printing.

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