Progressive Label KX-TDE 100 Digital Phone System

Progressive label relocated in Commerce about 3 years ago into larger quarters to support their labeling business. There were some cubing issues that we corrected and created an organized infrastructure to help manage that area. They moved using a T1 for outside lines and about 35 of the KX-T7633 handsets. They also employed a KX-T7684 cordless cell phone for portability throughout the warehouse as well as shipping and receiving. They have the KXTDA100 as the heart of their communications system.

They also use the KX-TVA 50 voicemail system as the message center for their inside as well as their outside personnel. The KX-TVA50 voicemail system so a missed call is stored locally and immediately illuminates a big red light on the phone.

Notification can also call you a number of places to let you know you have a message waiting. An email can be sent to your smart phone with the voicemail message attached so you can listen to the message on your cell phone before you return the call. The Caller ID phone number is also sent to your cell phone.

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