Pico Metal Products KX-NCP1000

Pico Metal Headquarters

I first started servicing Pico Metal Products with a Mitel SX20 years ago. As time went on we replaced the aging Mitel with a Panasonic KXTD1232 and that was a stable entity. We used KX-T7200 series phones and as time went on we replaced them with KX-T7400 series set.

We replaced the Panasonic KXTD1232 with a Panasonic NCP 500 because we could immediately save money by using Broadvox SIP trunks instead of the cost of Verizon analog lines. Here, technology showed an upgrade to be a reduction of reoccurring costs and that prompted us into the Panasonic NCP500.

They are using the KX-TD346 sets on their LAN giving complete portability within the organization. The reduction in costs more than paid for the system upgrade. When the owner bought the KXTD1232, told him it would last a long time, but I could not have seen that technology would show it to be obsolete long before the end of its physical life. Today, that is more a reality than not if the platform does not easily allow for ongoing upgrades by Panasonic, the manufacturer.

Pico Metal Products was founded in 1919 in Downtown Los Angeles and has seen a lot of change over the years. The recent investment in technology will help to control operating costs keeping the company competitive and strong.

One of the many products they make is a small version of the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine for ice skating rinks.

Gary and the Machine


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