Millicare KX-NCP 1000

We have served Millicare for several years first installing the KX TD 816 in Garden Grove with a small two port voice mail system. It has functioned well as it has grown to capacity and keep continues to work daily to keep the communications lines open and support their growing service business. Their carpet and flooring customers may need to call day or night. Their dry powder extraction system keeps facilities looking their best. Their offices in Irvine continue to grow. They have recently expanded their operation and installed the Panasonic NCP1000 IP system to link wireless to their additional office space adjacent but not connected to their existing building. we are using KX-NT343 VOIP sets on the new office space and will repopulate the old desks in the original building with KX-NT343 sets. We have updated the voice mail to the KX-TVA50 for improved communication to the field. We have added Broadvox SIP trunks to support the additional trunking requirements and will be porting the analog lines onto the SIP trunks shortly. We have added a toll free number for customers to call in for quotes or service. With the VOIP sets on the LAN, relocation of personnel is a much easier task.

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