Mikes Auto Service KX-NCP 500

Mike's Auto service Huntington BeachMikes Auto Service

I met Val and then Mike through Letip of West Orange County. They had 4 outside lines on 4 line analog phones. From a business perspective, there was no music on hold or Paging through the phones. There was also no paging in the shop. They had expanded into an adjacent shop and there was no service there for phone or paging. We replaced the small phones with an NCP 500 and KX-NT346 VOIP phones as well as a KX-T7684 cell phone that is part of the system. This gave communication to the other building and the ability to keep mike in touch with the office when he was working with the staff in the other building.

Mike and Val have relocated to Metzler in Huntington Beach to larger facilities and we relocated their system to the new facility. Their investment continues to grow and support their business and will do so for years to come.

Go to www.MikesAutoHB.Com for complete information.

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