LA Roofing Materials


LA Roofing Materials has been with us for several years using the KXTD1232 Digital Panasonic System and most recently moved into the Panasonic NCP1000 implementing VOIP KX NT 346 phones. Their network shares not only the phones, but the computers and IP cameras. All of this gets along fine on a simple 100meg LAN. An easy to manage Linksys router and Telnes T1 are supporting his 8 SIP trunks from Broadvox.

The reduction in monthly operating costs showed a clear and profitable path to this solution. If there is any difficulty in the combined services, the calls are routed automatically to a designated cell phone so the customer’s calls do not go unanswered. A recent power outage tested the theory and his calls came directly to the cell phone until power was restored a short time later.

The flexibility of the VOIP phones poise to allow the senior members of the family owned and operated business to facilitate a home office should that become of interest in the future.

The KXTVA50 voice mail system answers a missed call and stores it locally then immediately illuminates a big red light on the phone. Notification can also call you a number of places to let you know you have a message waiting. An email can be sent to your smart phone with the voice mail message attached so you can listen to the message on your cell phone before you return the call. The Caller ID phone number is also sent to your cell phone.

External paging to the yard where roofing material is ready to go on the truck should the order require immediate delivery gets communication to the yard and drivers at the touch of a button.

System speed dial of 1000 numbers creates easy access to all personnel for both customers and vendors using alphabetic regardless of the location of entry into the system. Management of the system speed dial is easily achieved via Communication Assistant for the periodic updates of the system speed dial.

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