Hudson Metal

A few months back, we installed the Panasonic KX-NCP500 system for Hudson Metals in their facility in Orange, Ca. They are now expanding both locally and in a new facility in North Carolina. The NCP500 is using its IP talents to reach across the nation and connect some KX-NT343 sets into the new North Carolina facility. Each extension can see the status of the other and a phone call is a button away.

The next phase of the expansion will be to add a local North Carolina telephone number to the Panasonic NCP500 and offer the calls to the offices in North Carolina and then to the Orange, Ca office should all staff be on the phone or unavailable. Another benefit of this architecture is the North Carolina phone number does not go unanswered should weather make going to work inaccessible. When the next offices are opened, the same architecture will connect all of the offices together as if they were adjacent cubicles under one roof.

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