HPSI has recently moved to Irvine down by the spectrum. For years the company ran on a Mitel SX-200 and various T1 providers. We have maintained that platform until the move at which time we cabled the new facility with Cat 6 data cable and multiple jacks at each location. We provided for the easy addition of network printers and any other network appliances that would better facilitate the operation of HPSI. We installed the NCP 1000 along with a variety of KX-NT 346 and KX-NT 343 sets, about 40 or so.

With Netgear POE Switches to power the VOIP phones, the operation is simple and relocation of staff is simple. The director of IT is very phone savvy and easily adopted the tasks of relocation of sets as well as first line of trouble shooting when someone inadvertently enabled a Do Not Disturb feature or disabled the call forwarding to voice mail.

The KXTVA50 voice mail system answers a missed call and is stored locally and immediately illuminates a big red light on the phone. Notification can also call you a number of places to let you know you have a message waiting. An email can be sent to your smart phone with the voicemail message attached so you can listen to the message on your cell phone before you return the call. The Caller ID phone number is also sent to your cell phone.

The Communication Assistant was a huge hit with reception as the visibility of all personnel was on the desktop where it could be easily managed. The click of a button would facilitate a transfer and there were no big clunky button gadgets on the top of her desk. Chat would allow her to notify a called party of an incoming call and advising her to put the call through or send it to voice mail based on the decision of the called party. This optimized the call processing implementing better time management for the staff of HPSI and making reception a better managed task.

HPSI is nationwide and the implementation of phones on the desktop for the representatives is on the radar of the IT director as a means of communication cost reductions.


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