Gateway Plastering NCP 1000

Over the years we have installed Panasonic in gateway companies in the greater Riverside area. We have also relocated offices as they have geographically repositioned themselves to better serve their customers.

About a year ago, I got a call from corporate located in San Dimas telling me they were purchasing a building in Chino Hills and would be merging the Riverside plant and corporate into the larger facilities. We met at the new building and found the building to be well suited to a VOIP solution. We chose the new NCP1000 and a mix of KX NT 346 and KX NT 343 sets to support the new location.

By using the NCP1000 we could use Broadvox SIP trunks and reduce the cost of the phone service by more that the cost of the new system. We segregated the voice and data circuits and have a monthly cost reduction as well as a new system. We used the Netgear POE switch to make power to the VOIP phones quick and easy.

They also have the ability to use the Communication Assistant the allows easy visibility of all users as will as a chat feature to announce a caller when the called party is on the line or just add your order to the person going on the lunch run.

The KXTVA50 voicemail system so a missed call is stored locally and immediately illuminates a big red light on the phone. Notification can also call you a number of places to let you know you have a message waiting. An email can be sent to your smart phone with the voicemail message attached so you can listen to the message on your cell phone before you return the call. The Caller ID phone number is also sent to your cell phone.

The system also supports an off site solution so the construction offices can have direct communication with the corporate office via the on site DSL. This keeps communication even when in a “bad cell area”.

The external paging allows access to employees when they are out in the yard. The construction yard houses several trucks and other construction vehicles and tools.

We added to the existing data cables as necessary and provided for the implementation of the digital phones used in the Riverside, Ca office that merged under the new larger facilities.

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