Dinsmore and Associates

Dinsmore and Associates is a rapid part manufacturer. They deal in one off and prototype pieces to put ideas into product form. This helps the concepts take life and show prospects exactly how the idea implements and serves the needs of the prospects.

The business is growning and needs to be flexible within the current building, so they chose the Panasonic NCP500 to support VOIP phones knowing that the portability of the instrument will make growth easier and more affordable. The implemetation was simple as we put the new instruments on the desktop and turned them up before the old ever came down.

The voicemail system reaches out to notify by phone call and also email with voice attached. They are using a PRI as the trunk side and KX-NT346 sets to support theier intenal as well as external communications. the Panasonic KX-TVA50 voicemail keeps the customers and the staff always in touch.

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