Continental Heat Treating NCP 1000

Continental Heat Treating

When I met Continental Heat treating, they were having a hard time getting a callback from their existing vendor. They had an old TIE system and parts were getting hard to come by. I suggested the Panasonic KXTD 1232 and we have served them for years. The system still runs fine today. The manufacturing is not a clean process so the Panasonic has had to withstand less than clean room environments, but continued to run without fail. During the remodel, we will retire the KXTD 1232 in favor of the NCP 1000 to gain benefit of many of the Technological advantages of IP phones and other benefits. The replacement of the KX-TD1232 to the KX-NCP 1000 is currently underway in conjuction of the remodeling of the offices. The implementation of the KX-NT343 and KX-NT346 VOIP phones will allow for side by side operation while the new Digital Trunk is being implemented. The KX-DT343 sets will take over the enviromentally challenging areas to support the company in its communications needs.

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