Beta Benefits KXNCP1000

Beta Benefits was referred to me by Marc Winger of Zephyr Networks. They had a key system with each line set to ring to a different individual which gave them the ability to answer their own calls. The dial tone provider was also renting each line a voice mail box and initially that seemed like a reasonable path. As time went on, the Toshiba was getting hard to get parts for and there were a few other problems. If you were on your line and needed to make another call, whose line would you use? No matter whose, it was someone else’s which blocked direct access to their line and the incoming call that was meant for them. The missed call would go to voicemail but that was a delay as the way you found out you have a message is pick up your line and wait for the stutter tone. The other problem is that periodically they would bring in telemarketers to solicit the benefits to prospective new clients. When that happened, the telemarketers were constantly using dedicated lines to make the outgoing calls. This caused impairment in the call flow and again delayed prompt communication.

Having gone over the call processing plan in place and its shortcomings, we structured a Panasonic NCP1000 with KX NT346 sets and used the existing LAN to support the VOIP phones.  Relocation of the KX NT346 set anywhere in the two story early 1900’s historical house of the phones becomes easy as the structure has been wired with Cat 5 cable. There are also some parts that are available for tenants. We brought in a separate T1 using Telnes and SIP trunk from Broadvox. We are using DID’s for everyone so direct lines are not only retained, but a second call can come to the same person. Caller ID quickly lets you see the ID of the second caller and you can manage your call based on priority.

The KXTVA50 voicemail system so a missed call is stored locally and immediately illuminates a big red light on the phone. Notification can also call you a number of places to let you know you have a message waiting. An email can be sent to your smart phone with the voicemail message attached so you can listen to the message on your cell phone before you return the call. The Caller ID phone number is also sent to your cell phone.

We ran into a couple of surprises after installation. We found that the T1 was set up to be used as fail over for the DSL that was to be data only. We also experienced some unexpected bandwidth consumption with the use of a sling box on the network. We asked Mark of Zephyr networks to come in and implement some better control in that area and we now have a smooth running office at an immediate reduction in monthly reoccurring costs.

The Broadvox trunk is only $12.95 per line and we are using 8 lines. The lines will support any number so all parties share all lines as needed. Local calls free and $0.02 per minute for Long Distance. Failover goes to a cell should there be an interruption in service.

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