Crystal Cove upgrades with Panasonic KX-TDA50

Crystal Cove resident returns to Panasonic as the upgrade choice for this beautiful home along the Laguna Shoreline. In one picture you can see the vast improvement of the new style KX-DT343 over the older model. Accessibility is easier as it practically reaches up from the counter to meet your hand. The new style Cell phones are very residential friendly as they offer line one and line two on a hard button making outside line access easy while keeping intercom calls simple as well.

The elegance of the KX-TD343 and the KX-TW125 cell phones are right at home in this upscale community.

At first glance of the KX-TW125 cell phone by this owner was an instant decision. While the ruggedized KX TD7696 may have been a choice with the beautiful outdoor entertaining abilities of this view, the KX-TW125 compact size won out in the choices of portability. One Cell Site, KXT-0155 provides ample range for the entire home.

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