Special Operations Group

Special operations group facilitates base camps for fire fighters supporting them with sleeping, eating and showering facilities while on task at fire. With this fire season so full of active fires, the resources of the company have been spread everywhere. The company is based in Cody Wyoming and we are supporting the Riverside facility with a new Panasonic system for their yard. They had an old Panasonic that finally quit after almost 30 years of service. No question that was a good investment.

The NS-700 set up nicely in place of the old Easa Phone system of yesteryear. Paging from any phone makes locating staff a push of a button.

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Advance Auto Repair

When Advance Auto called with some problems with their cell phones not working around the shop, it was the beginning of a strange set of circumstances. Problem was intermittent and so several paths were explored to get to the resolution. They had two cell sites that didn’t talk to each other compounded by the radio antenna nearby few the ambulance company which could have caused interference. A resolution was found and they are now working trouble free. They were very nice to work with even though the process of elimination for the troubleshooting took some time. I recommend them to anyone that wants great customer service as well as a quality repair. They are located in La Mirada near Rosecrans and Valley View.  562-802-0151.

Spray Booth

Spray Booth

General Repair

General Repair



Customer Service

Customer Service


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CG Landscape

CG Landscape was introduced to me a few months ago when they were considering moving to their new location in Anaheim. We talked about their vintage system and discussed the benefits of the new technology. They chose the new technology and it worked out really well for them as they can connect IP phones within the multiple buildings much easier than they could have with the old digital sets. They have a very cool interior design which is very open and comfortable. They chose the KX-NT553 network sets to manage the voice requirements along with the NS-700 at the helm. P1020719 P1020720 P1020721 P1020722 P1020723

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Brook Ellis Pet Hospital

Brook Ellis pet hospital went with the NS700 on a recommendation from another veterinary hospital that has used Panasonic for years. They noticed immediately how easy it was to use the Panasonic compared to their old ATT system. They also are enjoying the custom Message on Hold features associated with ancillary equipment. They also chose SIP trunks that greatly reduced the phone bill which made the decision a cost reduction benefit. P1020703





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Video Resources

Video Resources has done shoots worldwide. When I was in today, they were doing a shoot in their studio. I have met some of their customers who come to use equipment available to help Videographers that need to rent high end equipment with their productions. I introduced Terry Wall from First Impression Videos and he said they are a very high end facility. There is a shot here of their magic is done.

Conference Room Speakerphone

Conference Room Speakerphone

Desk phone

Desk phone

"magic" production room

“magic” production room

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Cable exchange

Here is another example of a company having east coast and west coast connectivity. They use the Panasonic Gateway as well as SIP trunks to communicate to the east coast facility. They manufacture data, phone and video cables. They operate through distribution coast to coast. They use Panasonic cell phones to stay connected at the two adjacent buildings in Costa Mesa. P1020709



Cell Site

Cell Site

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The phones that you see in the pictures directly dial to the Philippines, Bali, Nevada, Florida, and other locations of this owner of the NS700. Headquarted in Costa Mesa, they are in touch all over the world.

NS 700 worldwide

NS 700 worldwide


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Los Angeles By Products

rsz_p1020645rsz_p1020642rsz_p1020641Los Angeles By Products chose the Panasonic NS-700 for their new location in Garden Grove. The company wanted something simple to operate and had heard some negatives about VOIP. We used analog lines and the KX-DT543 as well as the KX-DT546 sets to facilitate the new location. They like the simplicity of using the multiple buttons for facilitating the call management.

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KX-UT670 Videos

Dialing out and picking up a call at another station. VID00029

Showing the 24 flexible buttons as well as the stored names. VID00028

Click on a link to download the Video.

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Robinson Kirshbaum

How about a Drink?? here is the perfect dispener for the beverage of your choice. Fashiobable, functionable dispensing for a perfect drink.

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