Shapes Brow Bar

Shapes Brow Bar has locations across the United States and in undergoing a revamping of customer service and membership services centers. Calls will be handled by Panasonic NCP1000 and NS1000 PBX’s using SIP trunks to efficiently communicate with the over 40 current locations. Service centers located on the West coast, the Midwest and overseas stand ready to serve the growing membership and service needs of this fast growing beauty boutique.

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Amazing Grapes

A long wall of many flavors

Amazing Grapes has just undergone a major renovation and in the process we were invited to help implement thier hard working Panasonic TDA 50 PBX and their ever reliable TVA 50 Voice Processing System. The 7633 sets are still faithfully performing great service and will fit right into the new renovation. Amazing Grapes is conveniently located in Rancho Santa Margarita at 29911 Aventura. They can be reached at 949-888-9007. I met with Brian Malone, Certified Specialist of Wine, about implementation of the system and got a great tour of the vast types of wine. They also have many crafted beers available for those who would like to widen their opportunities to experience the multitude of selections available at Amazing Grapes. I was working when there, but I have been on wine tasting trips other places and i plan to take an afternoon to visit “not working” and experiece the facilities to broaden my palette. We have wine and beer when family and friends gather. It is always fun to introduce a new flavor to the event. I believe you will find it a very enjoyable event.

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Crystal Cove upgrades with Panasonic KX-TDA50

Crystal Cove resident returns to Panasonic as the upgrade choice for this beautiful home along the Laguna Shoreline. In one picture you can see the vast improvement of the new style KX-DT343 over the older model. Accessibility is easier as it practically reaches up from the counter to meet your hand. The new style Cell phones are very residential friendly as they offer line one and line two on a hard button making outside line access easy while keeping intercom calls simple as well.

The elegance of the KX-TD343 and the KX-TW125 cell phones are right at home in this upscale community.

At first glance of the KX-TW125 cell phone by this owner was an instant decision. While the ruggedized KX TD7696 may have been a choice with the beautiful outdoor entertaining abilities of this view, the KX-TW125 compact size won out in the choices of portability. One Cell Site, KXT-0155 provides ample range for the entire home.

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Marbella Resident upgrades Panasonic

This residence overlooking the golf course at Marbella in San Juan Capistrano has upgraded their Panasonic system to gain current features and services provided by the KXTDA50 system and the KX-DT343 sets. One simple but much loved feature is the “Ding Dong” tone not available on the previous 22 year old system. System Speed dial and more One Touch buttons also make life better for this Homeowner. The improved door box provides improved audible as guests announce themselves securely.

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On Time Shutters

On Time Shutters and Blinds chose the Panasonic NCP500 for theer new location in Los Alamitos. Complete new cabling set up for easy implementation of the system as well as migration of the network. Time Warner provided the transition of service without difficulty and moved their existing phone lines. We added SIP trunks to compliment the service and will eventually expand the SIP trunks at end of contract with Time Warner. The previous system required log in log out functions that we simplified with the Panasonic NCP500. The SIP service came up immediately with the implementation of internet service and the digital services shortly there after. The KX-DT343 sets use DSS buttons to show status of fellow workers, call and transfer calls. The Rolodex style speed dial was a bit hit with the company, no more looking at “the paper on the wall” to find phone numbers. With plenty of mailboxes in the voice mail system, they will now be able to communicate with remote sales staff with a simple transferred call or just leave a message and the voice mail system will contact the sales rep.

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BBQ Grill Vista

The BBQ Grill Outlet is the newest location for the growing chain of BBQ Grill Outlet stores. This store is hosted by the Panasonic NCP 500 IP PBX system. It connects via the internet connection using Telnes T1 giving connectivity to the KX-NT343 sets on site. The hosting Panasonic NCP 500 connects this store to Santa Ana as well as the Lake Forest store. All locations can call all locations with the touch of a button and have visibility when other store phones are busy.

The local 760 number rings to the Vista store first and is offered to the other locations should the staff at vista be busy or unavailable. We have extended the resources of the system to maximize the answering ability of all staff for all customer. The auto attendant can get you to the right department right away.

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BBQ Grill Lake Forest

The BBQ Grill in Lake Forest is connected to the Headquarters with KX-NT343 IP Sets and a KX-TD7685 Cell phone all integrated into the KX-NCP500 system in Santa Ana. This architecture allows for easy communication between locations using their internet interface. The local 949 number is brought into the NCP500 in Santa Ana and rings out to the Lake Forest store. If unanswered, it rings to the Santa Ana office as well as the Vista, Ca office to be sure calls do not go unanswered. Broadvox SIP trunks are being added to carry the SIP traffic.

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Marples Gears

We installed a KX-TDA50 in Marple’s gears a few years ago. Recently, they bought a new building and relocated. In doing so, we helped them implement new paging, new Panasoniv IP cameras and Network DVR, network infrastructure, and a shift change signalling system interfaced with the paging. Some new KX-NT343 sets were added. The new facility is now a very modern work plant and nicely decorated offices.

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Stilwell Hotel

The Stilwell Hotel is a landmark 100 year old building near Staples center in downtown Los Angeles. They chose the Panasonic KX-TDE600 to serve the more than 200 rooms in this historical building. The replacement of the existing system was implemented in one business day with no down time to the front desk. The implementation pf the Panasonic KX-TDE600 now positions them for the implementation of higher end phones should they decide to create some luxury suites  and the usage of SIP trunks to reduce operating costs.

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Linda Isle Resident

On the prestigious Linda Isle in Newport Beach, the Panasonic NCP500 was chosen to upgrade the existing phone system. One of many reasons for this choice is the KX-NT400 touch screen phone. The owner chose this phone over others as it offers access to friends and business contacts with just the touch of the screen. Other features used in this location are gate control and cellular portability. the KX-TD7685 easily allows the portability to be on the dock or on the boat to make/receive calls or invite the guests in at the front door.

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